Linux Support for Valve?

The fine folks at Phoronix have talked to Gabe Newell from Valve and have in fact confirmed that a Linux port for the Valve client software is indeed in progress and working. The apps that are working appear to be based on the Valve Source engine. While I’m sure that Linux support is great for the small number of Linux users that use their computers to game, I’m going to guess that this is just a cover for an X86/Linux based game console that Valve will be releasing. It makes sense, pack it with some decent hardware, sign in, purchase games over the internet and start playing. The hardware can be refreshed every couple of years and I’m sure with the XBMC port, it could also be used as a digital hub. 


Eee PC at Target

Saw something interesteing today at my local Target. It seems they are selling the EeePC at target, both the Linux and XP versions. $299 for the Linux version, $349 for the XP version. The XP version does have an 8GB SSD drive vs. the 4GB for the Linux version.