WordPress post from Android App!


Testing the WordPress application using my Google Nexus One.


Nexus One now available for AT&T 3G

Just checked the Google Nexus webpage and found that you can now purchase the Google Nexus phone for the AT&T 3G network  (unlocked version). Of course its not cheap, but if you are on AT&T and thinking about now nice the Google phone would be, now is the time! (note, I won’t be ditching the iPhone, I will be switching between them, I just want to be able to check out a Android based phone)

Newer Nvidia drivers killing video cards?

Reports are circulating around the web that the latest version of the WHQL drivers for Nvidia cards are causing cards to run their fans a lower than necessary speeds to keep the GPU cool. Here is a list of the cards that *may* be affected:
* 8800GT
* 8800GTS
* 9800GT
* 9800GTX
* 9800GTX+
* GTS 250

I have an older 8600GT setting around I use on a linux box. So, no problems for me. According to Nvidia you should uninstall the 196.75 version and go and download the 196.21 version. The 196.75 version has been pulled, so you should be able to get the older ones easily.
It seems that the new drivers have fixed these issues.

Investment group offers 2 Billion for Novell.

Interesting development regarding Novell. An investment group has offered to purchase Novell (an unsolicited offer) at $5.75 a share. I guess they have not had the kind of success they had hoped for by migrating most of their products to a Linux foundation. Many people in the open source community were not happy when they signed the patent protection deal with Microsoft a couple of years back. Novell does hire and contribute a lot of resources for the Gnome Desktop. Suse Linux is a well regarded distribution, and I’d hate to see them give up on Linux development.

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Microsoft’s Revenue Falls 17%; PC Slump Continues

Yikes, tough times for Microsoft indeed. Microsoft has finally encountered for the first time since the early nineties what it fears the most. Competition. Apple is now a viable threat to their PC dominance in the home and is also gaining ground in the business market. Linux is chomping away at their server business and eating away at the low end with Netbooks being pre loaded with Linux. Add in the fact that Google is now aiming at them with the Chrome OS and things are going to get worse. And if they continue to throw money at unprofitable side businesses like Bing and the X-Box, things could get bad more quickly than they realize. I really think they need a new CEO who could really get them back to focusing on their core Windows and Office business.

Office 2007 SP2 now available!

It seems that Service Pack 2 for Office 2007 is now available for download from Microsoft. I am not sure if you can get via windows update yet, but it should be there soon. I tested the opening and saving of the Open Document format and so far it looks good. Now you can use MS Office and not be tied into a proprietary format any longer. It also has the ability to publish files in PDF format which should be helpful for those who do not know about any of the free pdf print drivers that are out there.