Microsoft’s Revenue Falls 17%; PC Slump Continues

Yikes, tough times for Microsoft indeed. Microsoft has finally encountered for the first time since the early nineties what it fears the most. Competition. Apple is now a viable threat to their PC dominance in the home and is also gaining ground in the business market. Linux is chomping away at their server business and eating away at the low end with Netbooks being pre loaded with Linux. Add in the fact that Google is now aiming at them with the Chrome OS and things are going to get worse. And if they continue to throw money at unprofitable side businesses like Bing and the X-Box, things could get bad more quickly than they realize. I really think they need a new CEO who could really get them back to focusing on their core Windows and Office business.


One thought on “Microsoft’s Revenue Falls 17%; PC Slump Continues

  1. Carne Espada says:

    Do you really think that you can fool me, you damn dirty Linux hippie ! Stop bashing Microsoft you unbathed open sores neck bearded freetards!

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