HDCP on Macintoshes

Many people have been posting tons of stuff about the apparent fact that Apple is using DRM to encode the new HD movie files that you get off of the iTunes store. But I think many of these people are confused about how HDCP works. I believe that many of the video cards that have shipped in recent Macintoshes all support HDCP. I know the GeForce 8800 in my Mac Pro does. The DRM in these files looks like it needs HCDP capability of the video card and the Monitor to be able to use it. That is where it sucks, anyone who has the older aluminium Apple Studio displays is out of luck for playing encrypted HD formats. I am not sure about iMac’s and Macbook/Macbook Pro’s displays. People are also upset since Steve Jobs said he was going to steer clear of the Blu Ray format until the licensing terms settle down. Many assumed if that was the case, then no HDCP support would be in the Macintosh, however it looks like it already is. I am guessing they sneaked it in on one of the Quicktime/iTunes updates and did not tell anyone. Hopefully soon I will be able to watch my Blu Ray movies on my Mac.


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