Office 2008 Macintosh Beta

Well, I have come across a copy of the Office 2008 beta for Macintosh and have some initial conclusions. Overall, it feels pretty zippy on my Intel iMac with a Core Duo processor. Much better than using the Rosetta based Office 2004. I have opened a few Office XML files from Windows machines and they open just fine, although, I have not opened very complicated documents. The updated interface is nice, and looks more in tune with the Apple programs like Pages. Seems stable, I have not had it crash on me yet, so kudos to the MBU at Microsoft at that. Some items I did notice were missing from the Mac version compared to Office 2007 for Windows. The equation editor has not been updated to the same version of the Office 2007 version. The equation editor in Office 2007 is really good, actually approaching the quality of Latex based output. Secondly, there is no support for blogging, (or I am not smart enough to find it) which is another cool feature of the Windows version. I have not tried any of the Exchange functionality, as I use imap for my email. If someone gave me an Exchange account, I could give it a try.


2 thoughts on “Office 2008 Macintosh Beta

  1. GUy jordan says:

    I know

    Microsoft really went down a ditch here
    I was really excited when i downloaded it, expecting to be able to not have to use boot camp to type up maths notes and was extremely disappointed in the product, Files aren’t even completely completable between the versions, open a complicated equation from office 2007 and it comes up incomplete.

    Microsoft still have a lot of work to do, until it’s up to some decent standard.

    thanks 🙂

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