Dell has really hit bottom…

Now they are releasing laptops with different colored cases. They have done this before, but now, they are rolling them out at a Macy’s department store with a “fashion show” I’d be worried if this is the best that Dell can come up with. How about some really nice looking computers that have some sort of distinct identity instead of cheesy case colors?


6 thoughts on “Dell has really hit bottom…

  1. While we respect your right to an opinion, our new products also generated sentiment like this on the day of launch:


    · XPS M1330, Editors’ Choice Award – PC Magazine

    · Inspiron 1420, Editors’ Choice Award – PC Magazine

    · Inspiron 531, Editors’ Choice Award – CNET

    · Inspiron 531, Editors’ Choice Award – PC Magazine

    XPS M1330 Reviews Coverage:

    PC Magazine

    XPS M1330; Editors’ Choice Award and 4.5 out of 5 rating,1895,2150810,00.asp

    “The Dell XPS M1330 ($2,200 direct) is both refreshing and really quite amazing once you factor in both design and performance. Dell slips all the latest technology trends into a very sleek crimson unit while keeping its performance ahead of the competition. It’s a breakthrough improvement, which is why I’m giving it the Editors’ Choice in the ultraportable category.”


    XPS M1330; Positive Review and 7.9 out of 10 rating

    “Dell has finally put design first with the head-turning XPS M1330 laptop, emphasizing both the ‘thin’ and ‘light’ aspects of the thin-and-light category without sacrificing features or performance.”

    XPS M1330; First Look Review

    “The Dell XPS M1330 (starting at $1,299) features what can only be described as one of the ‘sexiest’ designs we’ve seen on a Dell notebook. A sleek combination of aluminum and plastic with a colorful paintjob on the back of the screen, this notebook is an ultraportable with style.”

    Inspiron Notebook Reviews Coverage:

    PC Magazine

    Inspiron 1420; Editors’ Choice Award and 4.5 out of 5 rating,1895,2150797,00.asp

    “It’s one of the few laptops, if not the only one, that gives you discrete graphics, a surplus of memory, different-color frames, and a host of other features that usually cost extra. For this, Dell can easily add another Editors’ Choice notch to its belt.”

    Inspiron Desktop Reviews Coverage:


    Inspiron 531; Editors’ Choice Award and 8.0 out of 10 rating

    “The last of the major desktop vendors to update this year’s desktops, Dell used that time to good advantage. On some tests it’s even faster than systems that cost $500 more. Keep your gaming and digital media ambitions modest, and this PC should deliver nearly everything you’d want in a mainstream system.”

    PC Magazine

    Inspiron 531; Editors’ Choice Award and 4 out of 5 rating,1895,2150796,00.asp

    “The Inspiron 531 represents a good value for the PC buyer: a system with the chops to get multimedia work done, a sub-$1,000 price tag, and even a widescreen LCD monitor…The Bluetooth connectivity (without a silly USB dongle) is enough to push it over the top to win our Editors’ Choice.”

    Computer Shopper

    Inspiron 531; Positive Review and 8.0 out of 10

    “The Inspiron 531 features a fine, basic collection of components and offerings for anyone looking for a moderately powerful midrange desktop at an impressive price.”

  2. As it seems that Dell seems to be trying to make itself stand out amongst a sea of PC makers recently, (for example selling Ubuntu Linux based machines, which I applaud you for), how about making a desktop or laptop that looks good? I really like the looks of the Sony notebook series, but the systems are so loaded with crap that they are almost useless out of the box. If Dell could make a nice looking system with a minimum of crapware, I think people would be willing to pay a bit more for that. For desktops, take a look at some of the Shuttle XPC systems. Many of them have nice specs, and look pretty cool too. And with the manufacturing capacity of Dell, you could beat Shuttle on the price too. This could be a nice niche for Dell to exploit and turn a profit from.

  3. anne@dell says:

    If style is important, then suggest you look again at the XPS M1330, which has been recognized by several objective parties as delivering one of the nicest designs available today in an ultraportable (see comments on design from reviews posted above). But keep the feedback coming because the product design loop is continuous and we take customer feedback and input on current products and apply it to next generation products as part of the process. Specific ideas and comments are welcome on and gathered and evaluated by the industrial design group and product engineers for implementation.

    As for bloatware, we’ve got some good news also. When you configure a system on, you have the option of choosing “No software pre-installed” for things like productivity software, ISP software and photo and music software. On most XPS systems, the no software options are the default choice. The end result is that customers can tailor the amount and type of software that is preinstalled on their systems to meet their specific needs at time of purchase. More details on this are avaiable on the blog, under the segment titled Dell & Bloatware, 2007

  4. computergirl says:

    The colors are great. What’s cheesy about enjoying color? Why does everything have to be black white silver to be cool?
    Second, super value for money. That’s distinct.

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