Vista’s Memory “Sweet Spot”

According to this article at Infoworld to get the best performance out of Windows Vista™, the computer should have 4GB of RAM. Now most of us familiar with Microsoft’s products know that each successive version of Windows needs more disk space and more RAM from its predecessor, but Microsoft is really kicking it up a few notches with this one. I was testing Vista on a custom built PC that had a mere 2GB of RAM, and it did seem to lag at times. Maybe 4 GB would have helped, I could not tell, it seems there is either a bug in my Motherboard (an Intel 965SS) or Windows itself. When I put in 4 GB of RAM, Windows basically died and would run slower than Rosie O’Donnel in a buffet line. I did try the 4 GB only with Windows XP, so I should check back later with Vista. I was going to try Fedora Core 6 on the PC, but my drive controller was not recognized by it, and I was too lazy to track down some drivers for it. But anyways, I digress. According to the article on Infoworld, the reason Vista™ runs better with large amounts of memory is due to a new memory caching scheme called Superfectch™. This new memory caching scheme monitors which apps are used more frequently and keeps them in RAM for fast access. Correct me if I am wrong, but Unix type systems have always done something similar to this. Basically the more RAM you throw at a Unix system, the better it runs. Unix systems willl always try to load as much into RAM as possible to speed up performance and release it when another process needs it. Welcome to 1995 Microsoft!


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