Windows Vista!

Well, it looks like Microsoft is saturating the news today to celebrate the release of Vista, the newest version of Windows. I have been testing it for sometime, from release candidate one all the way up to the latest RTM version. Overall, I guess it can be considered an upgrade from XP in terms of security, but it comes at a high price. That price of course being computer power. In my experience, just after booting the system,Vista is using around 420-500 MB of RAM. (I would opt for 2 GB of RAM for a Vista system). This is without anti-virus, but does include the anti-spyware application Windows Defender. It also likes hard disk space and prefers a powerful video card that is capable of supporting Direct X 9. (if you buy a upgraded video card it will mention that on the package). If you do have a nice video card then windows can use that power to do some glitzy graphical effects ala Mac OSX. If you prefer, you can even turn these effects off and make it look similar to Windows 95. It also tries to implement a new security system that may actually cause more damage than it prevent. User Account Control (UAC for short) is Microsoft’s answer to the security issues that plague Windows XP. Whenever a program needs to make changes to the operating system that could potentially be harmful, Vista will pop up a dialog box asking if its OK to make the change. In fact, you can not do anything else until you click either yes or no. Unfortunately, Microsoft implemented it in a really bad way. For example, if you are using Mac OS X and you need to do something on your computer that makes system wide changes, a dialog box will pop up asking for your password. Beneath that box, a little triangle that you can click on gives you some additional information. That information includes which application is requested such permission and where it is at on the system. Under Vista, the UAC dialog box will come up for actions that should not require and special permission to do so, like to see the details of the computer you have. And unlike Mac OS X, the dialog box must be clicked before you can do anything else. Once you start using Vista, you will be clicking the OK buttons so often, that most people will most likely not pay attention to what they are clicking OK on. Plus, the dialog box gives very little information about why you need to click OK. Vista also has much better document searching technology which allow you to locate files on your computer than Windows XP had. (google desktop search is still superior). There are also some changes that are “under the hood” that some people may appreciate. (the new audio driver framework is one)
Overall, I would not bother with an upgrade to Vista until you need a new Windows PC, it will have Vista installed.


2 thoughts on “Windows Vista!

  1. ??????? says:

    Before you waste $500 on VISTA ask yourself this, do i download music, movies or pictures for FREE? if you answered yes than i recommend that you dont get sucked into vista. it is exactly the same as XP accept it looks cooler AND IT WAS DESIGNED TO BLOCK MUSIC AND MOVIE DOWNLOADING. think about it hundreds, thousands of bands trying to make money and everybody downloads thier songs off limewire or morpheus or where ever they can. and what about multimillionare movies, most people like you and i just download them. VISTA has come to gether with an idea, to block all websites that offer FREE DOWNLOADING, to block all P2P software. the other day i decided to upgrade my morpheus and to my surprise anything that i wanted to download would be blocked, i typed in a song, tried to download it and it says, THIS IS A COPY RIGHTED VERSION. they are taking over our entertainment. in 5 years vista will be installed on every computer in the world. go to your daily harvey norman or WOW catalogue and what do you see, every single laptop, pc, now comes with vista. vista only came out like a month ago they would have to be mad to offer it already installed. maybe if you listen to the song DOWNLOAD THIS SONG by MC LARS you will understand. pass this on. tell everybody you know, about VISTA. just amagin, teenagers of the future having to pay for their music and movies.
    everywhere you look there is freakin vista. we have no choice they are forcing us to upgrade, thats why all the new computers and laptops are coming out with vista, and then you have to go and buy xp because your not happy with vista. it sucks
    not to mention over 50 programs dont work on it including norton anti virus and trend micro

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