Building a nearly silent PC

Well, for any of you who are looking to build nearly silent computer, I have done it. My previous PC was a custom AMD x2 machine with a cheesy case and really loud MSI Geforce 6800 PCI-x card. I hated turning the machine on because of the fan noise, which is unusual because I don’t mind sleeping with a fan running. Anyways, after a power supply mishap, I needed to construct a new one fairly fast. The first thing to consider when making a quiet PC is the case. In this case, (haha) I chose the Antec P150. It is a nice looking case, completely white and comes with a nice and quiet 480w power supply. The case has sound deadining lining througout it and has a novel way to mount hard disks with rubber cables that suspend the drive to minimize vibration noise. Next on my list was silencing the video card. For that I turned to a Zalman VGA cooler. This fan/heatsink combo was pretty easy to install and pretty much silent at the full speed setting. I went with a standard Intel Core 2 duo E6300 and the Intel 955SS motherboard. I have always had good experiences with Intel boards, and this one had a Firewire port, something that I needed. I had thought about getting a Zalman for the Core 2 duo, but the included fan with the processor is very quite too. Much quieter than the earlier models on the P4 based computers. I will post some pix of the machine on Flickr. It looks kinda cool.


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