Macintosh Office 2008

Well, I stopped by the Microsoft booth at Macworld to see if they possibly had any pre-release builds of Mac Office running for demonstration purposes. Nope, not at all. I find it disturbing that a company of Microsoft’s magnitude seems to be having so much trouble releasing software. I realize that taking the code from the Windows version and loading into the Apple development tools, and then tracing the errors is probably really boring work, but come on, we are talking Microsoft here. I don’t know the size of the Adobe team that is working on the Creative suite for Macintosh, but they are able to release a beta of Photoshop, which I would imagine is a much more complex piece of software than say Word is, way before Microsoft has a beta version of Word available. Not only that, the Office team has removed features from the current version (VBA suppport) and not even making it close to capabilities as the Windows version has. (Sharepoint support, full Exchange server compatibility comes to mind) I often wonder if this incompatibility is ordered from higher ups in the company…


3 thoughts on “Macintosh Office 2008

  1. Stop bashing Microsoft!
    It is a hard work!
    They are working hard!!!!!!
    Don’t you know how hard their work is?

    Damn you and your anti-Microsoft rethoric!!!!!!!

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