Macworld Expo 2007…

Kind of sucked to put it lightly. I made the journey from Long Beach to San Francisco to hopefully scope out some of the new info from Apple about the next version of OS X, Leopard. Instead they announced the much hyped iPhone, which looks awesome, but was unfortunately locked in a plastic case on a pedastal that you could not get too close to because of the crowds. But the phone will not be available for five months and costs a load of cash. The other major announcement was the Apple TV, which seems OK, but nothing revolutionary. (cant record live tv). They did not mention the new Airport that supports the new N protocol (faster conncections, and greater range) and allows you to attach a USB harddisk as a NAS device. The keynote mentioned nothing about Leopard and no new software announcents either. They did have some presenters showing some of the already seen features of Leopard, and there were plenty of hands on demos of iLife 06 too. I managed to take some really blurry photos of the iPhone. The wireless also sucks in the covention center, and in my hotel too. (Holiday Inn)


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