Ricoh Laser Printers

I have been having trouble with laser-printers lately where I work. Lately it seems that HP printers are having some reliability issues. I had one laser-jet 2420d die on my in less then six months. The warranty now only covers it if you take it to an authorized repair center. Previously if you are a corporate account, they would send you a replacement model and then you would send back the defective unit. Now to get that service, you have to pay $50. I have also had a one year old copier/fax machine screw up too. I also had a year old laser printer die on me too. Needless to say I had been looking for some options from other manufacturers. My sales rep from CDWG talked me into trying out a Ricoh Color Laserjet 3500n. This model is really nice, with two different fusers. (one for color, one for black) This means if you print a lot of black and white, it will not use up the main fuser, thereby adding to the life of the machine. The machine also supports Macintosh clients (it supports Postscript) so it should also work with Linux too. I have since also ordered a Ricoh 410n and a BP20. So far these have proven to be dependable and the price is right too. Do yourself a favor and check them out.


3 thoughts on “Ricoh Laser Printers

  1. Since this comment I have about 10 Ricoh Color lasers where I work. They are easy to maintain, and pretty reliable. One of the models already have ~50,000 printouts with very little trouble.

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