Microsoft Relents!

It seems that Microsoft has relented somewhat on their previously draconian Windows Vista Licensing for their forthcoming Vista Operating System. Previously, if you had purchased a retail version of Windows XP (the kind you see in the shrinkwrapped boxes) you could transfer that license to newer computers your owned, providing you erased the version on your old computer. It was recently learned that the EULA (end user license agreement) in Vista was much more evil™. It would only allow you to do the transfer two times. After that, you had to pony up for another license. Now, most people who use PC’s have their version preinstalled at the factory from whatever manufacture who they purchased it from. (ie Dell, Gateway, Sony) These companies pay much less than the retail versions of Windows would cost. A retail version of Windows XP pro costs $299. You can bet that the major OEM’s pay much much less than that, or computers would cost much more. The difference with the OEM licensing is that you can not transfer the licenses to a new PC. That is usually not a big deal for most people, they get a new computer that has a new license attached to it. To the computer tech type people, it was a major deal.  These types do a lot of upgrading to their computers and would really be affected by this new licensing scheme. After much maligning in the press, Microsoft has relented and changed their licensing back to the Windows XP version. Luckily, I could care less.

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