Linux Support for Valve?

The fine folks at Phoronix have talked to Gabe Newell from Valve and have in fact confirmed that a Linux port for the Valve client software is indeed in progress and working. The apps that are working appear to be based on the Valve Source engine. While I’m sure that Linux support is great for the small number of Linux users that use their computers to game, I’m going to guess that this is just a cover for an X86/Linux based game console that Valve will be releasing. It makes sense, pack it with some decent hardware, sign in, purchase games over the internet and start playing. The hardware can be refreshed every couple of years and I’m sure with the XBMC port, it could also be used as a digital hub. 

10.7.2 is released!

Just checked the software update tab and the 10.7.2 update is out. Time to kill Apple’s servers.



Their servers are getting hammered. I’ve been downloading over an hour and still have 300MB to go.

iPhone 4S sets new one-day preorder sales record at 1 million

But it doesn’t have 4g, or a 4″ screen! When will the tech pundits ever learn? Really, after all these years of Apple product releases they should have this figured out by now. Apple only adds a new feature when it is perfected according to them. Notice how most people don’t seem to care about the lack of a 4g networking or a larger screen? If you need those capabilities, there are many Android phones to choose from.

Nexus One now available for AT&T 3G

Just checked the Google Nexus webpage and found that you can now purchase the Google Nexus phone for the AT&T 3G network  (unlocked version). Of course its not cheap, but if you are on AT&T and thinking about now nice the Google phone would be, now is the time! (note, I won’t be ditching the iPhone, I will be switching between them, I just want to be able to check out a Android based phone)

Newer Nvidia drivers killing video cards?

Reports are circulating around the web that the latest version of the WHQL drivers for Nvidia cards are causing cards to run their fans a lower than necessary speeds to keep the GPU cool. Here is a list of the cards that *may* be affected:
* 8800GT
* 8800GTS
* 9800GT
* 9800GTX
* 9800GTX+
* GTS 250

I have an older 8600GT setting around I use on a linux box. So, no problems for me. According to Nvidia you should uninstall the 196.75 version and go and download the 196.21 version. The 196.75 version has been pulled, so you should be able to get the older ones easily.
It seems that the new drivers have fixed these issues.